I was reading some articles from another Caregiver’s organization. The article was about caregivers sharing their journey with family members; I couldn’t help but think about my experience of becoming a caregiver.

It started June 5, 2011, my daughter had left her cell phone in Macon she was living in Atlanta. She had just graduated from the Atlanta Culinary Institute, yep we had a pastry chef in the family!

My husband and I went to her apartment and knocked, but she didn’t answer. We opened the door and found Angie still connected to her Dialysis machine on the floor passed out. We didn’t know it had been three days without a phone, so she couldn’t call for help. Angie was out for 14 days when the doctor said they had to disconnect her life support.

I don’t know how I managed, but I picked up my Bible and started to read. Suddenly I heard a voice that told me to close the book. The voice called the Bible THE BOOK, I waited, then I heard the voice again it said reopen the book and read the first thing you see. After opening the Bible I saw, “who do they say I am? of course the answer was Jesus Christ! The voice said read it louder, then louder!! I did. Then Angie sat straight up and looked around and then at me. She said, he said you were waiting on me mommy. I was so shocked, I ran to the nurses station screaming she’s awake!! Everyone started running to her room. There she sat looking at us and asked me where was she? That day I learned we are never alone.

Years earlier I had worked as a caregiver for ResCare. I didn’t know, God was preparing me for that moment in time. We all are here for a reason I’m so glad he picked me.

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